Blue Moon Ranch

Fishing season is open!!!!

Plan your trip with us on the SeaHorse.  Our boats are always ready for an eco tour.

Call Capt. Kathy, (352) 577-4947 for more information our to schedule your trip.

Blue Moon Ranch has expanded our horizons.

Our goal at Blue Moon Ranch is to provide you with a multifaceted and memorable  eco-exploration of Central Florida either by horseback or boat.

Capt. Kathy offers historic eco-historic sight-seeing boat tours on local lakes, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico.  We can customize your choice of location and activity from trout fishing or scalloping in the Gulf or to wine and cheese on Lake Weir.  YOUR choice!

All locations have been personally scouted by Capt. Kathy during her last 12 years on her 19 ft. Kenner Boat and the 22 ft. SeaHorse II, a pontoon boat.

Choose your location: lakes, rivers or Gulf of Mexico.

Choose your activity: fishing, scalloping, sight-seeing, tubing, picnic, wine & cheese, Dora Canal

$100/hr SeaHorse I, Kenner (max 5 guests)

$100/hr SeaHorse II, pontoon boat (max 8 guests)

Charter for half a day $350; Charter for a full day $650

Reservations required for all activities.  To book your ride call (352) 578-4947.
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